​​Meta Analytical

  • Risk Assessment


  •  Toxicology

R&D Activities

  • Development of mass spectrometry based methods for trace contaminant quantification in environmental and biological samples
  • Laboratory and field studies to assess fate, transport and exposure risks of chemical contaminants in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems
  • In vitro and in vivo toxicity assays
  • Development of mass spectrometry based methods for proteome and metabolome profiling in biological samples
  • Biomarker Identification
  • Development of contaminant exposure models

Consulting Services

  • Design and implementation of contaminant monitoring and remediation programs
  • Surface and groundwater quality monitoring

  • Ecological and human health risk assessment
  • Characterization of industrial process reactions and effluents
  • Occupational exposure assessments
  • Clinical trials and epidemiological surveys
  • Food quality assessment
  • Characterization of biofuel constituents
  • Characterization of active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Forensic investigations